Monday, January 5, 2009

SAIDIA Tanzania is a non-profit organisation based in MwanzaTanzania.  Founded in early 2006, SAIDIA is made up of a network of people who share similar beliefs concerning the importance of sustainable development our community. We connect international volunteers with local, grass-roots development organizations that need their skills and assistance.  SAIDIA volunteers work with orphans and street children, environmental projects, health programs, organizational capacity building, and more! 

At SAIDIA, we believe that a volunteer’s function is to enhance a community’s journey towards sustainable development and we offer a variety of volunteering opportunities toward that end. We do not think it is necessary to initiate new projects in order to help communities.  For this reason, we work with partner organisations that, like us, operate on a grass roots level so as to be more in touch with the needs of the community. 

SAIDIA volunteers are hard-working and compassionate individuals that are truly interested in sharing their time and talents with others. Being an international volunteer at SAIDIA is a meaningful way to contribute to sustainable develpement efforts in Tanzania.  At the same time, you will gain a deeper insight into a different culture and experience things that broaden your perspective in life.  

It is an inspiring experience that will leave you with memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

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Challenge yourself by helping others.